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           Anyang New Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, after 20 years of efforts and development, has the same industry-leading scale and strength.


           Under the jurisdiction of China New Metallurgical Co., Ltd., Anyang Zhi New Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. two subsidiaries. Has developed into a set of new product research and development, innovative water atomization smelting, powder metallurgy manufacturing, high-precision particle size grade screening and other integrated production smelting group factories, product supply nationwide, global.


           Our company for gold, diamond, recycled aluminum and other mineral processing industry to provide flotation-specific heavy media. The main products are: low silicon iron powder atomized type, low silicon iron powder abrasive type, various models of various granularity. Annual production capacity of more than 20,000 tons.


           Our company for the welding materials industry to provide welding materials special accessories. The main products are: 45 , atomized silicon iron powder, 75 , atomized silicon iron powder, 45 , grinding silicon iron powder, 75 , various types of grain size. Annual production capacity of more than 10,000 tons.

           我公司為煉鋼煉鐵行業提供脫氧劑、復合脫氧劑產品。主要產品有:硅粉,硅鐵粉,硅鐵粒,硅鋇粉,鋁鎂鈣,鋁錳鐵,硅錳鈣,硅鋇, 硅鋁鋇,硅鋇鈣,硅鈣碳鋁多功能復合脫氧劑等,各種型號各種粒度。年生產能力60000余噸。?

           Our company for the steelmaking industry to provide deoxygenators, compound deoxygenator products. The main products are: silicon powder, silicon iron powder, silicon iron grain, silicon powder, aluminum magnesium calcium, aluminum manganese iron, silicon manganese calcium, silicon niobium, silicon aluminum niobium, silicon calcium, silicon calcium carbon aluminum multi-functional compound deoxygenator, various models of various granules. Annual production capacity of more than 60,000 tons.


           The new company adhering to the letter, mutual benefit and win-win business sales philosophy, the industry's earliest implementation of the fastest delivery time, the fastest after-sales service delivery, together with customer growth with the development of strategic partners as their own responsibility.


           Innovation is the soul of the founders. The company has signed a number of cooperation agreements with many scientific research institutions to develop innovative ideas of low pollution and high added value, to respond to national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, and to use science and technology to create a return to society. New creators are developing a new product every two years, stable in the forefront of the same industry.


           Twenty years of entrepreneurship, the letter is the first. Twenty years of achievement, thanks to you. Brave climbing the industry commanding heights of the new founder is willing to work with friends from all walks of life hand in hand, win-win development!

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